Hot Sleep

by Coma Club

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released March 26, 2016

Engineered and produced by Meatpie
Mastered by Jeff McNulty



all rights reserved


Coma Club Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Hypnopomp
A comfort zone is a danger zone.
If it gets too real, I'll hold my own.
There's hardly a difference to me.
This is the closest to death that I'll ever be.
You run away 'cause you don't understand.
I found solace in the terror of the time.
The nightmare is matter over mind.
But there's hardly a difference to me.
This is the closet to birth that I'll ever be.
You run away 'cause you don't understand.
Track Name: Crawling Out
It takes a harsh distraction
to tame these harsh reactions.
A spiraling thought in the brain
expels sensations of pain.
It took no effort at all
to fall down this well.
Lost my nails to the bricks
trying to climb out of it.
Help if you're in the light
staring down the well.
Well I've seen better days
but only when the light is blinding me.
Track Name: Return of Saturn
I feel lost without you,
but I've had affairs with the moon.
Time stretches for miles.
It makes it easy to move.

Invested in planting my feet.
I've lost interest in sleep.
The world moves under my feet.
'Cause I'm miscounting sheep.
(Be where you want to be)

Rest won't make this end.
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Space stretches for miles.
It makes it easy to bend.

Do what you love.
Be where you want to be.
Love what you do.
Be where you want to be.
Track Name: Dematerealize
There is no medicine
to fix who I am.
Stop telling me to relax.
I'm just bridging the gaps,
seeking answers to the questions
that you fear to ask.
Between the up and below,
the inside and out,
the me and the you
I will find the truth.
With no help from you,
I will seek my own truth.
Separation is an illusion,
and when you realize,
you dematerialize.
It's only war.
Choose the battles.
Existence is all you move towards.
You've been conditioned.
Fear to admit it.
Elude your traditions.
Your eyes are those of others,
the righteous path of your mothers and fathers
but you never bothered to question
existence and purpose
confined by separation.
Track Name: Point Break
The sun isn't shining.
Impeccable timing.
The longer I wait,
the longer it takes.
I'm sleeping on the enemy grounds--
a delusionary field.

"It's only when you've lost everything
that you are free to do anything."

The loss and the seasons
are valid reasons.
I'm now understanding
there's no room to have me.
I'm making excuses
'cause hating you makes this
purging more luxurious--
a delusiounary field.

I can't sever the tie
that leaves me dangling from the lie
that someday I'll learn to say goodbye.